Calspan Crash Test Lab Opened January 2018

State-of-the-art Crash Test Laboratory, 58,000 Square Feet | $25 Million

Calspan Crash Test Lab
Buffalo, NY

Calspan Development and Construction designed and built the 58,000 square foot (5388.4m2 ) facility which is located at Calspan’s Headquarters in Buffalo, NY. This multi-million dollar laboratory was constructed to run 1,000 crash tests per year to support vehicle manufacturers and government research and compliance testing.

The motiviation for the new facility design was to streamline the crash testing process, support market demands, and create a secure environment for high profile test needs.

  • 2018 Crash Test Facility of the Year
    • Automotive Testing Technology International 2018
  • Brick by Brick Award Winner
    • Buffalo Business First


Designing a Crash Lab from the ground up allowed Calpsan to reimagine the way testing is done. The Construction & Development team collaborated with the Crash Lab's engineering team, to create the most-efficient, highly-secure, independent test lab in North America. They were able to bring testing indoors to a fully climate controlled setting, along with purchasing and installing cutting edge technology to bring data capturing abilities to the next level.


Enclosed | Efficient | Secure Facility

Prior to the new crash lab, testing was performed outdoors in the elements with decentralized test prep stations, equipment storage, and customer workstations. This meant that testing was restricted to fit within conducive weather conditions and the test duration had to factor in time to get the necessary equipment to the testing site.


State-of-the-art Facility

The new facility allows for all of the testing resources to live under one roof. Secure and private preparation bays, easy access to Anthropomorphic Test Device (ATD) labs (where the crash test dummies are stored and prepped), comfortable client workstations and lounges, and the crash halls are all connected to increase security and efficiency.

FEATURES: Two Crash Halls

• Frontal Barrier Crash Hall: 75 ft. x 90 ft.

• Side Impact/High Energy Crash Hall: 160 ft. x 90 ft.

• Two massive photo pits (20 ft. x14 ft.), one in each crash hall, allowing for full body under views of crash test vehicles

• Private vehicle preparation bays allowing easy access to vehicles • ATD instrumentation, calibration, & qualification Lab


• From the time a vehicle is received at at secure drop off points to the time data is presented, test vehicles are always behind closed doors.


• All of the required facilities, people, and resources for testing are now located under one roof. Allowing for new levels of efficiency and effectivity, permitting us to achieve even the tightest test schedules.

• Two crash halls, each with their own secure preparation bay allows for two tests to be securely prepped and executed almost simultaneously.

• Our fully enclosed crash halls allows for testing to run year round regardless of weather conditions, eliminating the need to factor in additional prep time in inclement weather.

• Integral shipping and receiving dock for loading/unloading vehicles within the facility

• Ample storage space for test cars, components, and associated equipment​​​​​​